The pandemic changed a lot in the labour market and how we use technology during the working day. More and more companies are realising the benefits of working from home and that in many cases it is more efficient to hold meetings digitally rather than physically. Even interview processes have entered a new and digital phase. Today, it is not uncommon for companies and recruiters to choose to hold the first interview digitally. Should we think differently when the interview is digital? What is important to consider? Below are four tips on how best to prepare for a digital interview.


1. Pay attention to your environment.

Before a digital interview, it's important to choose a clean place without distractions. Dirty dishes in the kitchen or a pile of clothes on the bed are not something the interviewer needs to see. You also want to make sure you're sitting in a quiet environment. Conducting your interview in a crowded coffee shop or with your washing machine running in the background will easily be distracting - both to you and the interviewer. It's also important to choose a location where the light doesn't shine directly from behind. Otherwise, your face may be obscured from the camera.


2. Remember to give a professional impression.

Before a digital interview, you should get ready and dress as you would have done if the interview had been physical. Keep your body language positive - nod and smile just as if the person were in the same room as you. It may feel a little strange, but try to look into the camera at all times when you are talking instead of at the person interviewing you.


3. Investigate the technique in good time.

Even days before your interview, you want to make sure you have the necessary technique. Is there any software you need to download? Are your camera and microphone working properly? Feel free to connect a few minutes before the interview is to begin so you have a chance to see yourself on camera beforehand. This can help you feel comfortable looking into the camera rather than directly at yourself.


4. Preparation is key.

Whether you have a physical or digital interview, preparation is always just as important. So make sure you've done thorough research about the company and the role you're interviewing for. Read, read and re-read everything you can about the company and trends related to the industry in which you hope to be hired.


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