Hiring an economist

Hiring financial staff

Hiring an economist is a time-efficient choice when your company is in need of quick help. You can count on us at MultiMind to have good knowledge in recruitment to find the right financial consultant for your finance department. With a wide network and long experience in finance roles, we know that we will quickly find the right economist who will be able to solve and understand your needs and of course contribute to achieving your set business goals. As a professional staffing agency in Stockholm, you can count on us to provide high levels in various roles related to economics/finance such as; financial assistant, accountant, financial manager and more.

Why use an economist?

Hiring an economist instead of hiring can lead to several advantages. It is cost-effective and flexible. It also gives you access to expertise in different areas such as accounting, taxes and payroll. A contractor can provide your company with valuable advice and help minimize the risk of mistakes and miscalculations. In addition, you can tailor resources to your company's needs and avoid the high costs associated with employing a full-time accountant. Hiring an accountant can be a smart choice, especially for smaller companies that want to achieve success without sacrificing flexibility and quality.

We are experts in hiring economists

We hire everything in finance, from management profiles and specialists to assistants. Since 2000, we have been helping companies find the right person for the right position with great results. Our clients range from international, listed groups to smaller, local companies. In addition to doing our utmost to place the right person at the right time and place, we at MultiMind are extremely flexible. Whether you need to hire an economist for a shorter or longer period, there is always the possibility of over-recruitment. We assist you throughout the process!

Finance roles for hire

Examples of positions we have helped clients fill:

- Financial assistant
-Accounting economist
-Accounting manager
-Payroll administrator
-Internal auditor
-Assistant auditor

Our economic consultants

At MultiMind, our financial consultants always undergo extensive quality assurance. We make sure to ensure competence, personality and experience. This is to create security for both you as a customer and the potential candidate. Finding the right financial consultant, ensuring the right competence requirements and minimizing the risk of misinvestment is often difficult and time-consuming, but with our expertise, we make sure it is right.

Advantages of hiring financial staff from MultiMind

-Quality assured skills
-Simple administration - We pay salaries, taxes, fees and benefits.
Continuous follow-up with both client and consultant
-Economic consultants with international expertise

Let us assist you in finding the right economist today!

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